Code of Ethics

  1. The Child/Youth Care Worker shall practice the profession to the best of his/her ability, and in any case in line with the present state of the profession in respect to the standards of child/youth care work and those practices which are accepted as being the best available and in the forefront of Child/Youth Care practice.

  2. The Child/Youth Care Worker has the responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information and to indicate the soundness of recommendations forwarded to another person, agency, or the courts.

  3. The Child/Youth Care Worker shall be aware of the rights of clients and shall avoid any action which violates these legal or civil rights or is inconsistent with the maintenance of the dignity and worth of clients and others who may be affected by the worker’s professional actions.

  4. The Child/Youth Care Worker shall divorce him/herself from any consideration of situation, which may predispose or incline the worker to lose his/her objectivity and/or effectiveness.

  5. The Child/Youth Care Worker shall enter into and maintain a contract only if it will allow him/her to maintain his/her integrity. Where the demands of an organization on the Child/Youth Care Worker go beyond reasonable conditions of employment, possible ethical and personal conflicts may arise. When such conflicts occur, the Child/Youth Care Worker must clarify the nature of the conflict, inform all parties of the nature and direction of the loyalties and responsibilities involved, and keep all parties informed of their commitments. Information obtained by the Child/Youth Care Worker concerning clients, employees, Learners, and others is discussed only for professional purposes and never with anyone who is clearly not involved with the case.

  6. The Child/Youth Care worker must thoroughly disguise client identity in making use of confidential information for teaching, public education, and research purposes.

  7. The Child/Youth Care Worker who permits any confidential or identifying information concerning a client to be divulged for research purposes, does so only after ensuring that the individual or his/her guardian is fully aware of the purposes and of the ways in which the information will be used, and gives his/her informed consent.

  8. The Child/Youth Care Worker, when presenting a personal opinion, will indicate he/she is doing so and will maintain objectivity in his/her statements and work.

  9. The Child/Youth Care Worker does not undetermined the confidence of clients in other Child/Youth Care Workers.

  10. The Child/Youth Care Worker publicly respects the prerogatives and obligations of the institutions or organizations with which he/she is associated.

  11. The Child/Youth Care Worker shall act in such a manner as to maintain the honor and prestige of the profession.