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In order for us to move forward as a profession we need to start taking steps toward showing this to our employers Certification is a set toward this, to prove our skills, compassion and professionalism as a Child and Youth Care Workers
Shawn Wood
As Youth Care Workers, we do incredibly important and meaningful work. We work in a system that literally builds it's programs on the back of YCW's yet we fail to get recognition for it. By becoming certified we lift the entire profession in terms of importance and good standing in our systems. We can be seen as the professionals we are with so much to offer
Colin Morrison
For many years Child and Youth Care Workers have been functioning in an interdisciplinary team where relational interventions become the catalyst for young people to create change within their lives. It is with the hard daily work and meaningful moments that Child and Youth Care Worker share with young people that certification will promote a higher level of recognition and professional acknowledgement.
Michelle Chalupa